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 Categories include:

Beauty and Health

Salons, Clinics, Spa's

Hair and Beauty Salons including Spray Tanning, Laser Hair removal, Dental, Cosmetic, Cryo and other Specialist Clinics.

Body Training

Work Your Body

Wellness Classes including PT, Yoga, Pilates, Circuit Training and Martial Arts


Education for everyone

From Tutoring, Continued Education, Vocational, The Arts, Childhood Development and more.

Food & Beverage

Banquets, Tastings, Set Menu's

Fine Dining, Restaurant Launches, Wine Tastings, Special Events or Hallmark Holidays

Creative Spaces


Creative Studios - Photographic, Art, Music Recording/Rehearsal, Video.

Portrait and Family Photography, Recording Studios, Production Facilities, Rehearsal Spaces. Edit Suites, Art Studios.

Entertainment and Events


Last minute ticketing for great events in your city.